Dyna 143
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Dyna 143
Dyna 143 is specifically designed for use in Zep Parts Washer, Dyna Clean, Dyna Brute FB, Super Brute FB, Zep Brake Buggy and Dyna Mate. Quickly dissolves and flushes away grease and dirt. May be used with a brush or as a dip. Composed of a blend of quality, odorless solvents. Safe to use on all metals. Excellent light-duty cleaner for fuel pumps, carburetors, filters, master cylinders, valve covers, rocker arms, and all engine parts. Ready-to-use. Relatively slow evaporation rate reduces losses to atmosphere. Leaves light oil film on parts to protect against rust and corrosion. Its elevated flash point provides both an added degree of safety in use and storage, and removes the used product from the Hazardous Wastes List - thereby eliminating the headaches and expense involved with disposal.
  • Highly-refined, odorless solvents quickly dissolve and flush away grease, oil and other soil
  • Low evaporation rate and vapor pressure assure minimal evaporative loss and employee exposure
  • The higher flash point of Zep Dyna 143° (143°F) as compared to mineral spirits (107°F), reduces the flammability hazards of solvent use in the shop area and storeroom
  • When used in a filtered Zep parts washer, such as the Zep Dyna Clean, the solvent is continuously recycled, while any particulates and oils are trapped in filters for disposal
  • In addition to use in parts washers, it may be used for general degreasing anywhere a solvent cleaner is needed
Available Sizes
5 gallons
20 gallons
55 gallons
350 gallons
Please refer to the most current
SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for safety information.