Zep Solo
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Zep Solo - 5 gallons 107035
Zep Solo - 55 gallons 107085
Zep Solo
Zep Solo is a high-solids, water-based sealer and polish for both resilient and non-resilient floor surfaces. Designed for use where there is more than one type of floor surface, and where only one product is desired. Low-maintenance. Provides long-lasting coverage and scuff-resistance. Does not streak or leave mop trails. Each coat dries in 30 to 45 minutes. Part of Zep`s Next Step system of floor care products. Meets or exceeds Slip Resistance Standards (when properly maintained) established by CSPA and UL as tested in accordance with ASTM D-2047.
  • Solo can be used on a variety of resilient and non-resilient surfaces without a sealer.
  • Solo meets or exceeds slip resistance standards, when properly maintained, established by CSPA and UL as tested in accordance with ASTM D-2047.
  • Solo saves money by using a single product as a sealer and polish.
  • Dries to a hard, clear coating, allowing the use of low maintenance spray buffing or burnishing procedures to restore gloss.
  • Solo levels with no streaking, dries in 30 minutes, and recoats well over existing coats. It is easily stripped with select Zep strippers.
  • Saves time and labor in floor polishing by acting as sealer and polish and needing fewer coats to cover the floor.
Available Sizes
5 gallons
55 gallons
Please refer to the most current
SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for safety information.